Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Au générique de Revision3

Jay Adelson Chairman, CEO

David Prager COO, VP of Programming

Kevin Rose Producer, Diggnation, Systm, thebroken

Dan Huard Producer, Systm, thebroken

Ron Gorodetzky Director of Technology

Alex Albrecht Producer, Diggnation, Ctrl Alt Chicken

Heather Stewart Ctrl Alt Chicken

Martin Sargent Producer, Infected, Webdrifter

Wil Wheaton InDigital: Your Life in Gear

Joey Rabier Post Production, Infected

Jay Speiden Infected

Hahn Choi Producer, InDigital: Your Life in Gear

Jessica Corbin InDigital: Your Life in Gear

Stewart Essenger Producer, Writer, Mysteries of Science, Explained!

Bert Monroy PixelPerfect with Bert Monroy

Tom Rowles Producer, Post Production, thebroken, NOTMTV

Jonathan London Producer, Geekdrome

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