Monday, May 7, 2007

Break to Unveil Ad-Supported Online Film, a comedic video hub aimed at young males, has inked a unique deal with Twisted Pictures—the Hollywood production firm behind the mega-successful Saw series of horror films—to launch an online horror movie that will let the site’s community play director and may even incorporate user-generated footage.

The online flick, The Internet Killer, will unfold this summer over 30 Webisodes on Break, and total between 70 minutes and 90 minutes in length, according to Break CEO Keith Richman. The plan is to to facilitate a lot of fan interaction throughout the movie’s run, said Richman, even letting the audience “direct who dies next.” In addition, though the movie’s production logistics have yet to be ironed out, the hope is that amateur horror filmmakers will submit their own scenes that may be worked into the story, said Richman.

The Internet Killer will be ad-supported, and Richman said that discussions are underway to build out one to three premium sponsorship packages, which will likely consist of both traditional ad placements and product placement in the movie.

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