Monday, May 7, 2007

Five Additional Ways to Watch TV

According to a soon to be released study by E-Poll: "Multi-Platform Viewing of Video Content," the youth are leading the way, with 26% of males 13-34 frequent viewers of video on devices other than a TV. Teens are by far the most prevalent users of mobile video devices such as iPods and cell phones.

"The proliferation of user-generated content and expanding viewing platforms makes for a dizzying array of viewing choices," says Ken Walker, Director of Marketing, E-Poll Market Research. The study of consumers 13+, to see what they are doing with this freedom to choose, found that among those that view video content away from the TV:

75% view on a desktop computer
46% view on a laptop
16% view on a portable video player
13% view on iPod
13% view on cell phone

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