Wednesday, May 9, 2007


iTunes - iPod version
Subscribe using iTunes. This link subscribes you to a 320 x 240 Quicktime (.m4v) file specially made for video iPods.

iTunes - Apple TV version
This feed distributes a 640 x 480 Quicktime (.mov) specially made for watching on your television through your Apple TV console.

iTunes - Quicktime version
This will fit the needs of most people watching on a computer who use iTunes for podcasts and video podcasts. The link above points to a 480 x 360 Quicktime (.mov) feed through iTunes.

RSS 2.0 - Quicktime version
This is the feed that points to a 480 x 360 Quicktime (.mov) version of our episodes. Copy and paste the URL above into your RSS aggregator, such as Bloglines, Google Reader, or dozens of others.

RSS 2.0 - Windows Media version
If you want to subscribe to JETSET but you can't or don't want to install Quicktime on your PC, this feed points to a 480 x 360 Windows Media (.wmv) version of our episodes.

RSS 2.0 - Windows Media Hi-Res version
Watch JETSET on your Windows Media Center with this feed, or use it to get the largest version of the video. It points to a 640 x 480 Windows Media (.wmv) version of our episodes.

Mobile Media version
Use this feed to get episodes on your mobile phone, Treo, Sidekick, etc. It points to a 128 x 96 3GP (.3gp) version of our episodes.

PSP version
This feed will get you a high-quality version of the episode for your PSP. It points to a 320 x 240 MP4 (.mp4) version of our episodes.

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