Monday, July 9, 2007

Since Facebook opened up its doors to the general public last September, the site’s traffic has exploded. And its been invaded by tons and tons of old

The social networking site – which until last September was restricted to students - saw its unique user base soar to 26.6 million users as of May 2007, up a hefty 89 percent year over year and more than double the 14 million users the site claimed prior to the lifting of all registration restraints, according to a new report issued by comScore. And perhaps most surprisingly, close to 40 percent of Facebook’s audience, or 10.4 million uniques is now 35 and over. That’s nearly 3 million more users than the 7.8 million 18-24 years olds that frequent the site.

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They're also the question of copyright...

Is there copyright on news ? How do we draw the line ?

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