Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Long-Tail is Wagging Some Old Media Dogs

For the past decade, the media agency world has been a tale of two businesses: traditional and new media. Now, as a result of some strategic acquisitions, mergers, reorganizations, and the rapid ascent of online and digital media, big media shops are finally integrating digital and analog media operations with new media models taking the lead. It's a world turned upside down and revenge of the techno media nerds as traditional media are being held accountable to digital, interactive, and some might say, direct marketing, standards of immediacy and ROI. Media shops have moved from old school principles like reach and frequency and even newer engagement models to embrace "activation," the new buzz word du jour in Madison Avenue's media circles. As media planners and buyers shift to digital sensibilities what kind of pressure will that put on traditional media to perform? How will it affect the blend of the media mix? What will Media Department 2.0 actually look like? Will haggling over a business lunch-a-day be replaced by negotiating via eBay? Will old dogs truly learn some new tricks?
(from OMMA)

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