Saturday, June 21, 2008

Finally, the problem is not the market, it's me!

Honestly, I think there is a market for long term investor in the Internet Video business. Not localy but globaly.

Again, the reality comes from my point of view. I am definitely not a venture capitalist... I don't run a venture capital business neither. I am not a business man in the true sense of it. A true killer business man don't care about the market is in or the product he sells or promote. He's just in for the profit.

I am not this kind of guy. I should drop it once and forever. But it's not easy to do because I thought (and still think) that the only way to be free, it's to do it myself...

But I can't do it all by myself. I have to realise it and admit it. This is a true shutout for me. Accept this kinds of things.

So by now, I will try to set new goal. Still be free as a creator but join a team who will give me the opportunity and chance to do what I like the most in my professional life: be myself.

What do you think?

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