Monday, March 30, 2009

For your consideration if you want to know the truth in what is happening right now in the media business.

Good morning XXX,

It is sad that we have to virtually meet in this situation.

I would had hope better circumstances. But they are things i would like to share with you.

In this project, from day 01, you made big mistakes.

Instead of "stealing" my idea of doing an ARG for XXX for the Quebec market and trying to push me away of the project, you should had hired me to work directly with you from the beginning.

That is the way it should had worked. Simple as that.

That is the reason i think it won't work even if i am not there.

That was not the solution to kick me out of MY PROJECT.

If you would had the humility to ask for help or advice from me, things could had be different.

But i understand humility is not part of the equation in your industry (and in your country ?)

So, this is too late for you guys.

It won't happen, take my words for it.

You will loose thrust from your client XXX and will miss a great chance to gain awarness in the industry. Too bad for the New XXX.

I am not a nut.

I am a passionate, intense and a creator with a vision.

I believe deeply and what i do and that's why i will stand up for my right to tell everyone their is something wrong in the media industry right now. This is the perfect proof.

Your actions will show that advertising agency like XXX are no longer part of this new communication culture equation.

Sorry to tell you that. But again, it won't happen....and not because of me. Just because it can't.

I am not scared of attorney or anything like that.

For me this is not business, this is a culturel and artistic expression of a new generation and that's why people has the right to know what is happening right now behind the curtain.

I will let Justice decide who was right and who was wrong in that project no matter what it takes.

See you in court fellows, this is just the beginning of the story.

Feel free to add your input on this story here.

or just follow me on Twitter.

The industry has to know. The creator has to stand-up then things will change.


BTW for those who did not had the chance to read about me, this is my bio.

Pierre Côté founded eMarketing, Canada's first Internet-based branded content agency back in 1994. Prior to founding eMarketing, he used the Internet as a research tool for his independent radio show, radio65. Graduating with a major in marketing from l'École des Hautes Etudes Commerciales de Montréal, (University of Montreal Business School), he first worked in retail advertising and then media buying, before becoming the first on-air cyberculture commentator for the MusiquePlus video channel in 1995. In 1998 he left the dotcom world, and worked exclusively as a producer/director in television -- working on network prime time reality shows, current affairs, entertainment and multicam studio programs. By 2006, after he wrote, directed and produced an independent short film, Pierre realised that the real opportunity for him to continue his development in fictional content was not on television, but mostly on the Internet. So, Pierre returned to his first love, and created GRAMSCLO a studio dedicated to producing branded video content for the Internet. After one particularly intense reality-fiction Video series with Quebecor, however, Pierre discovered that linear Video content on the Internet was not going to be the future after all... Instead, Alternate Reality Games (ARGs), with their broader, more Interactive and true consumer engagement would be. Pierre's mission now, is creating, producing and directing ARGs or as he call it: original immersive interactive branded fiction.

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