Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Listen to the rational of Pierre before he did anything creatively.

On october 9th 2009, after the meeting with Michelle Labarre, Pierre was officially in a creative thinking process for the Mazda brand.

He did not signed any contract with Astral.

Why ? Listen to what Pierre has to say.

With no formal contract, he did not receive any money from Astral for his creative input.

Why ? Here's the answer he got from Michelle Labarre.

Anyways, like a good soldier, he started to do what he does best: think. To do so, he received more information from Michelle Labarre.

Mazda 3 Launch Vendor RFP

The new 2010 Mazda3 is a Zoom-Zoom evolution product following the new Mazda6 that was launched earlier this September. It will continue to be a critical nameplate for the future success of the brand.

• Mazda3 is the prime volume vehicle within the Mazda family, accounting for 55.7% of total sales
• The new product leads advances in design, content, and technology.
• As with other Mazda core carlines, it is spirited, insightful, and stylish and portrays “emotion-in-motion”.

The Car:
Economic uncertainty and rising gas prices are creating a halo of pragmatism over our target. More consumers are now considering smaller cars – creating a segment that is evolving from “entry level” to “destination.” As such, we see our target upgrade their expectations, with purchase reasons of style, fun to drive, quality, and value holding true.

The new Mazda3:

• Is sexy, unique, and well-designed
• Provides an unparalleled drive experience
• Offers forward and thoughtful feature content
• While at the same time maintains a great value equation – in essence, it raises the bar among compacts


• A19-54
o Mazda3 volume target (where we historically do well): A19-34
o Compact category volume target (where we also need to do well): A35-54

• Attitudes: Optimistic, expressive, techno-savvy. They are in the know and on the go.
o Trendy: image-conscious and style-aware
o Gadgets R us
o Active, socially and physically
o Drive for fun
o Practical

• Looks for: Design, performance, technology, quality, and value

RFP Parameters:

Integrated Concepts
• Timing: March x 4-6 weeks

• Objective:
o To generate awareness for the new Mazda3
o To create excitement around the new launch

• Wish-list:
o Cross-platform integrated concept (print, online, broadcast, where applicable)
• Research has demonstrated that technology, online video, social media, and out-of-home are especially relevant to the target
o Consider never-before executed/ high impact executions
o If interactive is part of the proposal, consider executions that can provide further interaction with consumers to provide more information on the features and benefits of the new Mazda3, ie.:
• An interactive Mazda3 Avatar?
• Something a la MSN Windows Live Agent?
o Consider the following genres/ themes:
• Adventure/ fun to drive – ie. Amazing Race, Survivor
• Style/ Design – ie. Extreme Makeover Home Edition
• Technology

• Success Metrics:
o # contest entries, if applicable
o Potential to integrate dealer tie-ins (ie. Test drives)
o Pre and post campaign brand consideration/ surveys

• Prizing should be included as part of the package and should be relevant to the central theme of the promotion

• Workback schedule and separate production estimate required as part of the RFP

Stop. Take a listen. You hear it everywhere. The double beat. The one-two cadence that propels us all from deep within. Thump-thump. Goes the heart. The boxer throws the powerful one-two; boxing’s most feared combination. Two quick claps of the hands and dancers prepare for perfection. Snap your fingers two times and watch as everyone around gets ready to move. Why do rock legends tap the microphone twice before melting your face? What makes a thoroughbred’s muscles respond to two clicks from a jockey’s mouth? This is no mere coincidence. The double beat lives on a deeper level. It’s a universal tribal-like connection. It’s everywhere. And we’ve followed it for over 40 years. Always building on it. It’s what stirs our soul. And what has led us to its most refined and re-imagined form yet. We’ll never stop listening. Zoom-Zoom. Forever.

Listen to the rational of Pierre before he did anything creatively.

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