Monday, August 17, 2009

Mazda Canada started the discussion with me.

I received an answer from Mazda.

Thanks for the note.
Perhaps we can start by telling me more about yourself and what steps you have taken begin a discussion about the 33 Keys. Who have you contacted? When did you contact them? What info are you looking for?
Gregory Young
Director, Corporate Public Relations
Mazda Canada Inc.

Here's my answer to Greg questions:

On 8 juin 2009 13:28:41 HAE i sent this email:

Good afternoon,

Even though Summer is almost here in Montréal, there is still a big, black cloud above my head that I've tried to ignore without success.

So, I am asking for your help to try to push this stupid cloud away today. I know we can if we really want to.

Here’s how you can help me do it.

Please write a letter of apology for the way you treated me in the Mazda Canada ARG project and explain what my true involvement in the project was from day one.

Also, I still don’t know the real reason why I had been asked to leave the project that I had personally initiated after a discussion with Michelle Labarre at Astral in october.

I can’t accept the lies you put in your corporate communication. This must stop today. If you are unable to do so, I will have no choice but to take my story public.

As a self-made creator, and because I had put so much energy into this project, the situation has scarred me professionally. I truly support the promotion of ARGs and I expect my involvement in this territory to be recognized.

If you wish to discuss the situation with me in person, I will be in Toronto next week. It would be a great pleasure for me sit down with you and come to a resolution.

Truth is the new marketing.


I sent this email to those peoples:

I did not receive any answer to this email.
At this question:

Dans les communications officielles de Mazda relativement au Alternate Reality Game 33 KEYS, j'aimerais savoir pourquoi le nom de Pierre Côté n'est pas inscrit au générique ? N’est-il pas le créateur original du projet, celui qui a pensé à développer un ARG pour le lancement de la Mazda3 2010 pour le marché québécois ?

This is the answer i received.

Greg, how can we resolve this matter ?

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