Thursday, September 10, 2009

What does V means for The Rémillard brothers ???

By Nicolas Ritoux, Marketing Magazine
The mission of V is to offer “a new entertainment alternative, based on the satisfaction of guilty pleasures,” said Maxime Rémillard, adding that V can stand for “Vice, Vitesse (speed), Vedettes (stars), Vérité (thruth), and Voyeur.” However, it could also stand for Very different ad formats. V is introducing two options for marketers looking to insert their messaging right into programming.The first will be a super at the bottom of the screen during a show. The second is a pop-up ad inserted into the backdrop of a scene in original locally produced programming, with the producer’s approval. The ads will move according to the movements of the camera.

Seriously, man...very different ad formats ?!!! What about Internet ??? A banner... It is all you have to show to the market ? Come on!

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