Thursday, November 26, 2009

Doner Wins Gold at Media Innovation Awards by stealing the original idea of Québécois indie transmedia creator Pierre Côté. #FAIL

Media. Innovation. Awards.

We’ve been working hard to get those three words connected here at Doner. Last week, one year after been pitched this Alternate Reality Game idea by Pierre Côté, it officially happened.

Last Thursday night, we took home the Gold at Marketing Magazine’s Media Innovation Awards Gala for the “33 Keys” Alternate Reality Game campaign that Pierre Côté created on request of Astral to launch the 2010 Mazda3.

The MIA’s are Canada’s top media awards. Our campaign was recognized in the multi-channel category, beating out brands such as Frito-Lay, American Express and Kia. Not bad, not bad at all for an agency who do not have interactive creative department in Canada!

While the MIA’s are a media award, this was truly a fully-integrated team effort. Kudos go to Associate Media Director Kyle Lin, who brought Pierre's idea to the table, along with Patricia McGregor, Brad Clarkson and the rest of the Toronto media team. Special shout-outs go to Kathryn Long and the Brand Leadership team, Justin Smith, Jason Jakubiak, Jim Ward, Laura Squillace and Rebecca Krug on the Creative and Interactive teams for their excellent work of copying Pierre Côté's concept.

And certainly no great work can get rewarded without the vision and support of our clients. Mike Collinson and Domenic Santucci were strong supporters of this program from the beginning and were smiling ear-to-ear when they were on-stage last week holding the trophy that Pierre Côté also should had hold.

Left to Right
Mary Lepage – Director, Toronto – Astral Media Mix
Mike Collinson – Director, Marketing & Product Strategy – Mazda Canada
Domenic Santucci – Manager, Marketing Communications – Mazda Canada
Patricia McGregor – Vice President, Media Director – Doner Canada
Kyle Lin – Associate Media Director — Doner Canada
Michelle LaBarre – Vice President — Astral Media Mix

Multi-Channel GoLd
Mazda3 – 33 Keys alternate reality Game

It’s no small feat to launch a new car in Quebec amid the worst car market in history,especially when your target market of 18- to 34-year-olds is cynical about advertising. That’s why it was critical to engage rather than simply sell to consumers for the launch of the 2010 Mazda3. Mazda’s “alternate reality” campaign sent Quebecers on a search for 33 keys and the chance to win a new car. The adventure started with a simultaneous “pirated” message delivered across all Quebec TV stations. Players were asked to save the fictional female character Xira, and mankind, from a futuristic organization known as La Croix Verte, in exchange for one of 33 key cases hidden across the province. Participants deciphered codes and participated in various real-life challenges, which lead players to a key case. For example, one online clue asked gamers to figure out a code which gave the player longitude and latitude coordinates. Those coordinates could then be entered into Google maps to pinpoint the area where a key case could be found. Clues and dead ends were set up across the province using billboards, a fake TV show “hijacked” for the game, mobile, social media and live events, all leading up to a final moment where one of the 33 keys would start the car and save the future. Within four months of launch, Quebec Mazda3 sales skyrocketed 30% (VYA) to make it the number-one selling car in the market for the first time.

titLe: Mazda3 33 Keys Alternate Reality Game
cLieNt: Mazda Canada Inc.
ageNcY: Doner Canada
meDia: Astral Media Mix
associate meDia Director, DoNer caNaDa: Kyle Lin
marketiNg maNager, astraL meDia mix: Domenic Santucci
accouNt suPervisor, DoNer caNaDa: Kathryn Long
grouP maNager, astraL meDia mix: Mary Lepage
vice PresiDeNt, astraL meDia mix: Michelle LaBarre
Original idea: Pierre Côté, Gramsclo Studio, all dressed transmedias integrated creation.

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