Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Different Way to Pay for the News You Want.

Spot.Us was founded by David Cohn. Regardez l'entrevue que j'ai réalisé avec lui mercredi.

- Spot.Us was founded by David Cohn

- How did u get involve in the project ?

- funding ? talk about the process..and the long ? business case ?

- how much $ ?

- funding for 1 year + ?

- How did u put together such an all stars Community Advisory Board ?

- What did u try to achieve in the Terms of Service ? What was the challenge in it ?

- who are the “quality assurance editor” ?

- Why did u started with All Networks | Bay Area | Los Angeles ?

- What do u think will happen if others markets/country wants to join in/be add to the networks ?

- How do u deal with all different rate per market/states/country for telling a story ?

- Describe the journalism in 5 years from now ?

What is Spot.Us About?

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