Wednesday, February 24, 2010

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01. Oil in Haïti: reality or fiction?

02. NGO's: what are they doing with our money ?

03. HTG legal market price VS HTG black market price for goods.

04. Children trafficking: how much for a 2 years old girl ?

05. Shelter: Our house in the middle of our street

07. What is the housing solution for the shelter problem ?

08. On the ground report with US ARMY/MARINES/Air Force

11. Is there enough drinking water for everyone?

12. How many citizen still with no shelter ?

13. Realtime monitoring #haiti

14. What is the realtime trend of HTG and USD/CAD/EUR/JPY/DOP ?

15. What international media outlet are still covering Haiti in realtime ?

16. What local government is doing to help and protect their citizen?

17. What a Citizen of the World United can do to help Haiti ???

18. List of citizen/journalist/activist/volonteer on the ground in Haïti with a Twitter account with localisation LAT/LONG

19. True or false: water/food/medical supplies/tent still stocked in wearhouse at AirPort?

20. The haitian gov will confiscate land outside of PaP to house people.

21.The New Haiti Project is using the Power of Web 2.0 to manage reconstruction

22. A day in the life of @carelpedre

23. Courageous Church 25k tents project

24. People get killed in Haiti: Is this a myth ? Why do they get killed?

25. It's been 1 month since eartquake - 80% of people in PaP Haiti STILL have received NO relief/food/help - can anybody explain this.

26. What are United Nations doing.

27. Haiti's food security is a primary concern and Haiti cannot miss this spring's planting season.

28. HAITI - WFP Food Distribution Update (as of 9 February 2010)

29. How @wyclef manages haiti funds? A million ppl have trusted and believed in him and donated.

30. Women and young girls are suffering a rising number of rapes and sexual assaults.

31. The cost of rebuilding Haiti after the earthquake which killed 217,000 people and displaced 511,405, could reach US$14 billion.

32. Haiti president pleads for shelter for quake's homeless

33. Les appels au retour d'Aristide se multiplient.


35. Haitian Garment Workers Should Get at Least $5 a Day

36. Top U.N. aid official critiques Haiti aid efforts in confidential emailHaitian Border control trying to tax our aid coming .

37. Wire transfer services in #Haiti have 20% surcharge.

38. For the people who have lost homes did they have insurance and can they recover any $$ to rebuild? #Haiti

39. Realtime discussion with Sean Penn, Director and CEO of the Jenkins-Penn Haitian Relief Organization.

40. Who own the land ? That may tell why authorities don't want tent cities set up.

41.Top U.N. aid official critiques Haiti aid efforts in confidential email.

42. Tents are urgently needed in Haiti before the Caribbean rains begin. What ShelterBox can do about it ?

43. What nation is really leading our nation ?


45. U.S. scales back military's aid mission to Haiti

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