Thursday, May 19, 2011

Illicit Use of my Internet Access ? Prove it.

Montreal, May 19 2011

2251 AV AIRD, APP 210
H1V 2W4

Subject: Illicit Use of your Internet Access

Madam, Sir,

We received a complaint affirming that activities associated with your IP address may infringe intellectual property rights of a third party.

We would like to remind you that the reproduction of protected material constitutes an infringement to the exclusive right of its holder. This behaviour could expose you to legal action from this third party and to a judgment to pay damages. Generally, you must obtain the permission or rights in order to reproduce any protected material.

Please note that Videotron will not take any action against you, but if legal actions were to be brought against you by the plaintiff, we would have no other alternative except than hold you responsible for any damages you may have caused. We thus ask you to cease any activity that may be considered an infringement of a third party’s intellectual property rights.

Here is the infringing material according to the complaint:

Evidentiary information:
Notice ID: 22-136011045
Recent infringement timestamp: 2011-04-24T10:16:39.000Z
Infringed work: Morning Glory
Infringing file name: Morning.Glory.DVDRip.XviD - DEFACED
Infringing file size: 742877008
Protocol: BitTorrent
Infringing URL:
Infringing IP address:
Infringing DNS name:


Because of privacy concerns, we cannot give any information regarding the plaintiff, as we do not provide any information to the plaintiff about you except if ordered by a court of law. If you want to know who the plaintiff is, you can search on the internet who is the copyright owner of the material referenced in the complaint.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Yours truly,

Internet Security
Phone : (514) 281-8498
Toll free : 1 (877) 551-8019

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