Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How to get the best out of #Autographer ?

Use #Autographer with the lanyard.

Use #Autographer outside during the day.

Turn your back to the natural light of the sun.

Open the cover only when you enter a public space.

Move at only 10 % of your normal average walk speed.

Rotate your body very fast, starting with your shoulders, at 90 degrees to your right or to your left when you want to try to capture something.

If you want to capture something you see, stop, freeze and count to 20 with #Autographer high algorithm, 30 with #Autographer medium algorithm and 60 with #Autographer low algorithm.

When you sit down, make sure your back is still at a 45 degrees angle from the floor.

After you captured something on your #Autographer, make 5 steps closer to your subject, then 10 steps further of your subject. (Do not forget to count)

When you meet a person in a public space, whoever that is, always look in there eyes.

Talk about #Autographer, your life logging mobile device only if that person ask about it.

Until further notice from me, when you enter a private space, close the cover of your #Autographer.

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