Wednesday, May 9, 2007

What is Next New Networks ?

Next New Networks is a new kind of media company, creating micro-television networks over the internet for targeted communities, bringing together elements of tv programming and internet philosophy to allow viewers to contribute, share and distribute content.

Our aim is to be of the communities, as each network is populated by key creative people of the audiences they serve. In other words, we want our networks to go where the audiences that share an interest are, whether it's their blog, a friend's profile page, or wherever they go regularly to find more of the things they love.

Our focus is broad. In making 101 networks, we're looking to reach a variety of audiences from young adults to baby boomers and people with a fairly diverse range of interests.

We're looking to be available everywhere, from phones to iPods and gaming devices, to whatever the next platform is. Each of our micro-networks consists of 3-11 minutes of content refreshed on a schedule, daily, weekly, or bi-weekly (depending on the network), and offers one or more regular shows.

So what's your specific interest? Is there a community you're a part of that lacks, wants or needs shows that only the internet can provide? Let us know. And if you're a writer, producer, or creator who's passionate about your community, then maybe you should be a part of our next next new network.

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