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How just one crazy guy is not bringing down Doner, the largest independent advertising agency in the world: ACT 2 (Part V)

December 10th

Kathryn Long: "This workback will be very helpful Mary.In addition – our creative teams would like some further information along the lines of a succinct deliverable list. Although Kyle has already supplied us with the: Conceptual Footprint/ MAZDA3 Mix Toronto F09 v2/10 minute PPP….our creative teams are still having trouble understanding what exactly is expected of them & when. We are working on this initiative with Doner’s Chief Creative Officer from the US (Rob Strasberg) – so we need this outline to be perfect. Would you be able to help us fill in the missing elements in the attached document please? (attached) Note*When I say purpose of the medium on the first page – they’re really just looking for ranking of importance/etc. They also have a meeting today at 3:30 pm – so your feedback before then would be most appreciated. Please call me with any questions or concerns. Thank you..."

Mary: "Hello Kyle, As discussed, attached you will find the ARG Blocking Chart as well as our most current Workback Schedule for tomorrow’s meeting.The other items Astral would like to address in the meeting are as follows:
Introductions: A word on our excitement for this project and our team.
The creative elements. Our clear understanding that Doner will have creative control – working in conjunction with our team to bring the production and all elements to life within the various platforms.Production expectations. Are we on the same page with regards to the production quality? If not, what needs to happen for us to get there (ie. Production budget).In addition to your 10 in Toronto, 3 in Montreal and your US office, we’ll be 4 Astral people joining your Montreal office, and myself in Toronto. I will follow up with you in writing on the forecast/compensation/research discussion we had earlier today for you meeting tomorrow afternoon. Looking very forward to this meeting and hopefully a common vision to this very cool project.


"...Our clear understanding that Doner will have creative control..."

Pierre did not agree on this item. In fact he was not ask to comment on this item either. He was not under contract with Astral, Doner or Mazda. So his "creative" input, whatever they were, strategy, tactic, concept, idea, meant nothing for Astral, Doner or Mazda. Neither his opinion. Astral wanted the money from Doner. Doner wanted more money from Mazda. At this point, nobody need Pierre anymore or seems to understand what Pierre could bring to the table. Pierre expertise was lost in the business bureaucraty bullshit. At this point, Pierre should had walked away of this project. But he did not...

December 17th

This video shows the first meeting between Pierre and the US Doner creative team. Pierre was so naive thinking that those guys did care about him. They actually did not care at all about him. It was just all corporate mise-en-scène, sell out improvisation and kiss my ass hypocrisy.

At 14:12:03 HNE, long after the meeting started, Pierre received this 3 documents:


The future is in peril. A group known as The Samers has taken control of the people through enforced homogeny. Identity has been replaced by identical. People shuffle to and fro through life living in identical houses, driving identical cars, wearing identical clothes. Life is devoid of passion, emotion and fun.

But there is hope. A clandestine group of believers led by The Council of The Three is the lone force of resistance. They have come into possession of certain Samer technologies including time travel. It is too late to change the present day so The Council has chosen one who will go back in time to find that what was lost: The Essence.

Her name is Abraxa. She is following in the footsteps of a man called Logan who failed in his quest. Logan was close to solving it and he has left clues. Not the least among them two keys. But her time is short and Samers have chased her into the past to subvert her.

Abraxa arrives quietly but things start to happen quickly.
-Billboards appear defaced by runic ciphers that provoke public curiosity.
-Odd graffiti stencils begin to show up around town
-Cell phone videos show up on Youtube showing glimpses of a mysterious woman doing strange things like fighting futuristic men (Samers.)
-Mysterious figures (Samers) are seen in restaurants, bars and events showing a picture of a woman to citizens asking if they have any information on her whereabouts.
-Puzzling interruptions in TV and radio begin to happen. A strange woman is addressing the public for help.

One night, an odd message is seen on TV. Viewers try changing channels but it is everywhere. Abraxa takes over the airwaves and reveals herself, her quest and plea for help. She promises a great reward to the worthy one who helps her complete her quest. Later in the process, it is revealed to be a 2010 Mazda3.
It ends with Samers breaking in and wrecking the message. She narrowly escapes.

As the story unfolds, Abraxa discovers, with the help of game players that The Essence is indeed Vroom Vroom and that the two keys fit into two 2010 Mazda3s. There must be something unique about them. Maybe it is a paint job that no other M3 has (in order to make the trip through time possible. perhaps.) The two cars were meant for Abraxa and Logan to return to the future with and spread the feeling of Vroom Vroom to society and restoring the feeling of individuality thereby saving it from the Samers. Since Logan has failed and been destroyed by the Samers, the other car should go to the one who helped Abraxa find Vroom Vroom and defeat the Samers—The Contest Winner.


Abraxa: The woman sent from the future by The Council of Three to save the people from sameness. She is endowed with skills and technology not from this world not the least of which is a device to send her back to her time that she doesn’t know how to use. Before she reveals herself to the public, glimpses of her are caught on cell phone and security cams performing unreal acts. It is essential that she bring back something calls The Essence. (It is later revealed that The Essence is indeed, Vroom Vroom.) She requires help to find it and she has a limited amount of time.

Logan: The man who preceded Abraxa into the past but failed in the quest for The Essence. He uncovered some pieces of the puzzle but not all. Clues have been left by Logan around town—notes, pictures, video messages and random scribbles on walls—that she must find to complete her mission.

The Samers: The governing body of the future. With its army of Samers, they believe in controlling the culture by homogenizing it. Clothes, haircuts, houses, cars… every outward expression of individuality is to be erased and replaced by the Same. Samers have chased Abraxa into the past to undermine her efforts. Glimpses of the Samers are caught and evidence of their presence is found at different times through the scenario.


Chatter/Curiosity: The blog work. Teaser videos/pictures/etc.

Abraxa reveals herself.
Searching for Logan.
Searching for The Essence.
Introduce Council of The Three.
Introduce Samers.
Reveal device that gets her back to future that she doesn’t know how to operate.

Clue: Cipher

Reveals keys / their location.
Samer conflict.
Logan destroyed.

Clue: Finds keys but not sure what they are for. ----Samer conflict

Essence Revealed:
-Vroom Vroom unveiled.
-Discover keys are to twin 2010 Mazda3s
-Now she has to figure out how to use the device to get her back to her time.

Decode Device:
-Clues from The Council of The Three received
-Device decoded

Showdown with Samers:
-Battles and beats Samers
-Realizes she can only take one car back

-She presents car to winner
-She dissapears

Pierre: "pourquoi ils ont écrit les 3 pages que nous avons reçu ??"


Pierre: "hi guys, after our yesterday meeting i realized their was a big misunderstanding around the ARG project. thrust me, it won't going to work the way it started. let's meet tomorrow face to face at your office and i'll explain why. i will also explain how it should work in a way this will be a massive success for Doner USA and Mazda.what time are you available tomorrow ?..."


January 6th 2009

Pierre: "good morning guys, btw, happy new year. big question this morning :-) how do u want to work this out with me ? Hire me directly or not ? Right now i did not signed any contract with anybody. Whatever you will decide, i think there is a lot of background info i need to tell you before we start to work on this project.I am working of this for 3 months now. I did a lot of valuable work you should look at it before moving on. may we discuss this on Skype later this week ?

Justin M. Smith, Executive Creative Director Interactive Doner: "...Hi Pierre, We’re waiting on approval from the client. Then I think Doner in Canada is expecting that Astral will contract you to work with us. Tell us if that’s not the case and we’ll work it out. We are looking forward to working with you on this..."

Janunary 9th

Kyle: "I have great news! The client signed off officially but we do have much to get you up to speed. There will be a mtg in montreal but I'll give u a ring this aft. For now, can you follow up on: 1. reach of twitter in quebec. The client had a question on if tiwitter is more for anglophones. Is this the best social medium for quebec? Need general social media penetration stats of the province and also twitter's reach. 2. Can we leverage MP's music content as part of the promotion so we can do guerilla stuff like releasing remixes and whatnot?..."

Mary: "Hi Pierre, Please see Kyle’s note below. We sort of already knew this but it’s still nice to read – officially!! Can you please help me address his questions in point 1?..."

Pierre: "waiting for an answer from:

Evan Williams
ev / Evan Williams CEO of Twitter
32,809 followers · from San Francisco, CA, US · updated about 19 hours ago

Mary: "Thanks Pierre. Please let me know as soon as you have anything..."

Pierre: "question: who is the social media specialist in that project ?

Mary: "We are. They don't have such a function and are relying on us - who pitched this new idea - to be their specialists...It's a big learning process for everyone I think..."

Pierre: "the job kyle ask you to do is a job in itself and it is called
social media manager...So i will have to bill you for this . My rates are 150 $/h. I think we should go for a number of hours to start with. How many hours do u want to buy ?..."

Mary: "...I don't understand...."

Michelle: "Moi non plus. Christine peux-tu envoyer ce e-mail a Stephane pour qu'on soit tous sur la même page.Si ce projet est pour être un cauchemar d'ego, on n'est pas sorti de l'auberge...."

Pierre: "Allo michelle c pas mon ego. C juste que c une expertise ki a une value dans le marche. Ki est vendable pour moi. Je veux juste pas donner mon temps. Ki est le social media manager chez doner! Call me i'll try to explain mon point de vue. Yas des gars ki font juste ca tu social média.Mais je ne pense pas ke c votre business n'est ce pas ?"

January 22nd

Pierre: "just wanna let you know that i spoke with Michelle Labarre VP at Astral Media, then with Stephane Raymond producer. None of them had been able to offer me a written agreement yet for the Mazda ARG i had been working on with passion for the last 3 months +. I don't think this is a good news for Mazda and Doner. I was thrill working on this with you...."

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