Monday, January 25, 2010

Ordinary citizen has concerns about the fundraising activities of @ShaunKing and @thahaitian. #haiti #fundraising #fbi


RealTime Collective Intelligence Transmedia Investigation:

"...@thehaitian asked for $$ via paypal. I asked questions as 30 people asked me if they should send money. Got no answers issued a warning..."

"...I offered contacts for planes, offered to contact a good friend of Bill Clinton & a bunch of resources to ShaunKing. I got asked for $$..."

"...I just had my private investigator friend check into ShaunKing & spencenix. She says they look like con artists...."

"...His addresses don't match up, his website is all about him and wanting $$$$..."

"...The peachtree address is supposedly a false address..."

"...How dare you attempt to discredit me online with no cause. I am appalled @ you Pierre. I just sent XXXXXXXXXX -$15k in equipment. Ask him...."

"...I'm a pastor of a church. I have saved lives and given now over $24,000 of aid to XXXXXXXXXX & others. We just kept it low for HIS security..."

"...You are an arrogant asshole. I haven't cussed in years and I feel good calling you that for what you tried to do to me online. Quote me..."

"...I expect a public apology as soon as you get the chance. Say what you want about others, but I am 100% above board. You are a sad man..."

"...Ask XXXXXXXXXX if he did not just receive a ton of equipment directly from us. It took moving mountains to get that stuff there. Apologize!..."

"...I have talked with XXXXXXXXXX on the phone, typed via email directly and DM b/c he follows me. Delivered a ton of equipment to him already..."

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Anonymous said...

Shaun, ignore these idiots. If Pierre is so interested in helping, why is he spreading hate about everyone who is actually helping? He has his own agenda and it is not one to help Haiti, but rather to help himself. Let them investigate. You and your group of people have managed to actually get food, water, medical help to people in need while the big organizations are still trying to figure out what to do with all the money they've collected.