Thursday, April 22, 2010

Q/A with Pascal Mathieu, directeur financement, Canadien Red Cross, Quebec.

1. Why will you spend only 35 % of your #haiti emergency budget this year when people need help right now?

2. Out of the 122M$, What is the donation ratio coming from: A (citizen) B (corporate) C (government)

3. Who did take the decision to only spent 14% of the total budget on tent, tarpaulin, blankets,nets, water container,hygiene kit?

4. Do you think you could have spent more than 14%, knowing they are citizen with no shelter?

5. If the total revenue of 2010 is 600M$, how can you proove that the 3.3M from "Ensemble pour Haïti" went directly to #haiti ???

6. Can I see the accounting entry in your book that show the 3.3M$ in revenue from "Ensemble pour Haïti" please ?

7. Can I see the accounting entry that show expenses for the tent,tarpaulin, blankets,nets, water container, hygiene kit?

Thank you.

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