Monday, April 26, 2010

What is wrong with the CBC ????

Mémé Selvandieu, Président de la Fondation FROCSAH, from Place St-Pierre, Pétion-Ville Haiti. What can we do to help him?

Yesterday I did an interview for CBC radio One. Clip was aired this morning in the show DAYBREAK.

I did not listen to it. But at my great surprise, I received this email few minutes ago:

"...I'm shocked by your interview this morning with the rep of Croix Rouge/ Red Cross about their efforts in Haiti. Apparently you made no attempt to verify what the rep said, even though many independent sources in Haiti confirm what Pierre Cote presumably explained to you. You didn't let your listeners hear more than half a sentence from him. You slashed whatever he said to you and made it sound like he was wrong. Has the woman you interviewed spent much time in Haiti since the EQ? Reaction to one of her claims from a well-informed resident of PAuP: "I seriously doubt ... giving about 600 women abt $400 each."

Did you ask her whether they've actually hired the Finance Delegate they advertised for on January 25?

There's an outcry in Haiti & in the US press about NGO including Red Cross efforts there. Kindest term you hear is inept. I recommend you call Pierre Cote back, dig deeper, and quit the snobbery of calling him a blogger. He was actually the 1st journalist in the world to get to live news and interviews about the quake, Has CBC forgotten that old phrase As It Happens?..."

This text is an email a listener sent to daybreak@Montreal.CBC.CA

Here's the CBC answer:
"...Hello Jacqueline,

Thanks very much for your email. I have forwarded your email off to our producer.

Denis Calnan,
CBC Radio..."

Dear CBC, can we have answer to those question ASAP please?

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