Monday, August 10, 2009

ARGNet stay behind corporate official version in 33 Keys ARG.

Last week i asked the real Jonathan Waite to help me in my case against Doner/Mazda/Astral/1976. I asked him to make correction on the Geneviève Cardin article.

Here's his answer:


After discussions with representatives from Doner Media and 1976 Productions, and after careful deliberation with my fellow editors, we are moving on from this situation. We are satisfied that the credits listed in Genevieve's article are accurate as provided by all parties involved, and feel that if you have an issue with how the credits appear on our site or any other, your quarrel is with the client, and it is the client (Mazda) that you should be talking with to resolve this situation.

In regards to your most recent comment on the article: we saw your comment in our moderation queue and have decided that the language in the comment constitutes a libelous claim which we will not be publishing on our blog. While you may be frustrated with the way things have worked out for you, I must be quite clear in that we no longer have an interest in dealing with this.

Jonathan Waite
ARGNet: Alternate Reality Gaming Network

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